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Solar Panel Homes in Orem Utah

Buying a Solar Panel Home in Orem, Utah

Green homes are becoming more popular in Orem, Utah due to the fact that more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment and are willing to do their share to help maintain and improve it.  It is not yet that easy to buy or to build a home that is 100% environment friendly and energy efficient.  However, there are already many home building materials that you can use to make your home in Orem a lot more environment friendly.

The current problem with solar panels is the cost. If someone converts their home to solar panels a Utah County Realtor is often not able to recoup the cost spent to do the upgrades. You often have to live in a home for several years to payoff the additional cost of upgrading to solar panels. The buyers are often not willing to pay the added cost of a home that has been upgraded to solar panels.

From solar panels, to flooring materials, and to windows, there is a “green” solution that is available.  You should however, be very vigilant in buying these materials.  There are many brands that claim to be green and good for the environment. Are you looking to buy solar panel homes?

solar panel homes

Solar Energy in Orem, Utah

Solar energy is one of the most accessible alternative sources of energy that is available in Orem, UT.  In the Spring and Summer Utah County gets lots of sun. This is the type of energy that can be harvested from the sun which makes it very abundant and accessible.

The sun can be used easily and directly in traditional passive ways such as heating the house and the pool and in drying clothes. It could also be used actively with the use of solar panels and solar cells.  Much research and studies regarding this source of energy have been done for a lot of years now and these have resulted in many other solar energy technologies.

About eight years ago my parents were trying to decide whether to heat their pool with solar panels or natural gas. They told me it would take five years to pay off the solar panels. I told them I thought the solar panels were a great idea. They have not only paid off the solar panels with the savings but now have a cheaper way to heat their pool every year. It is a clean, cost effective way to heat a pool.

Harnessing solar energy for your home in Orem, Utah is best accomplished with the use of large solar panels that can be installed on the roof.  These panels sit comfortably on the roof. These panels are made up of smaller solar cells which absorb the solar energy of the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

The solar cells can now send the electricity to the main power switch of the house so it can power the connected electrical appliances.  The better solar cells that are now available in Orem are able to store the solar energy that they absorb.  This enables them to provide energy to the home even at times when direct energy from the sun is not available such as on very cloudy days and at night. In fact, the other day I saw a new home that had just been built in Orem with solar panels on the roof. I would love to see their utility bill. I am sure it would be cheap.

Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home in Orem, Utah

You can also make your Orem home a little bit more environment friendly by making your windows more energy efficient.  Of course, your windows do not use any energy but they can help by keeping the energy use of your other appliances down.  For example, a dual pane window for your home in Orem Utah can offer better insulation than a regular window.  This means that it will be able to keep the heat in at night and keep the heat out during the day. Most homes in Utah County have double pane windows. Older homes sometimes have single pane windows. A single pane window is not a good window for the weather in Utah County.

If you have a single pane windows in your home your air conditioner would not have to work extra hard to keep your home cool on hot days and you can keep your home warm at night without having to overwork your thermostat either.  If you are reluctant to change your windows entirely, you have the option to use “Low-e”.  This is a type of hard glaze that you can use to coat your existing windows.  Once your windows are coated, they will be able to block the damaging UV rays from the sun and they will also be able to insulate your home in Orem, Utah better.

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