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Tips for Showing Your Home in Orem

When showing your home in Orem Utah always keep in mind that the buying process is mostly associated to the emotion of the buyers rather their logical reasoning.  Here are some tips to help you sell your home.

Give your potential Orem buyers a gracious welcome

Help the buyer feel comfortable visiting your Orem Home.  Let them view the home at their own pace. Do not rush or pressure them.  Furthermore, give them some moments to have the house for themselves. You don’t have to be standing around them throughout the duration of their visit. Many buyers complain about the sellers bothering them during the showing. The best showings are done where the seller is not home. This is one reason to hire a Orem Realtor.

Make the visit Comfortable

The weather can sometimes be a drag so make sure it won’t interfere with the showing of your home by checking the temperature before hand.  As a rule, if it is cold enough to warrant the use of a jacket or a sweater while inside the house, adjust the heat before your guests arrive.  If on the other hand, it is hot on that particular day, turn on your air conditioner.  Setting the right temperature will encourage your prospective buyers to linger longer inside the house which will in turn let them appreciate it more. 

tips for showing a home

Be very mindful of the scents in the house.

Different people have different allergies, and sometimes a lot of these allergies are connected to deodorizers or air fresheners. As long as there are no foul odors in your Orem home, you don’t have to use commercial fresheners. Fresh air is welcome though, so open the windows to let the fresh air in.

However, you will have to consider the noise that might also enter the house once the windows are opened.  If it is too loud, it might be better to leave your windows closed. I have had many buyers over the years bake cookies right before the showing. This creates a pleasant smell. Hey, why not leave a plate with a few cookies and a note.

What Will the Buyer See?

Remember that a bright house is much more appealing than a dark one. Turn on as many lights as necessary, but turn off the TV. Lights provide accents for your home; the TV just becomes a distraction. I recommend turning on all the lights throughout the home prior to showing the house.  Even the lights in the closet.

If you are looking for a home in Orem Utah you might want to consider hiring a professional Realtor like Paul Teasdale from Team Teasdale Realty. Paul has been selling homes in Orem Utah since 1995.

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